About Us

We are a team of events industry specialists, business professionals and technology experts. Based in London, we share a common vision that trade shows have a bright future as they bring people together to meet face to face. We believe that meeting face to face - sharing, engaging and connecting – will always be at the very heart of business.

Why we created Showcase®

Trade shows can represent a large commitment of time and money to all participants and, especially with tight budgets during challenging economic conditions, it is important that they deliver results. Yet research suggests trade show participants are not always meeting their objectives. For example, according to The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (www.ceir.org), 80% of leads made at trade shows are not followed up

With the rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones, we believe the heavily fragmented trade show industry is ready to benefit from a single new web, tablet and smartphone application that helps all participants achieve their objectives, including enhancing their face to face meetings. This is why we created Showcase®.

What we are doing next

We are already working hard on continuing to improve Showcase® and to deliver the new features and product updates that will further help users meet their objectives. There is a lot more to come. Feel free to check out our News and Blog, or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to be the first to hear about future developments. In the meantime, we would greatly appreciate any feedback and suggestions.

We hope you enjoy using Showcase®!