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How it works: Password protected event communities

Password protecting events enables event organisers to control who can access:

1. Event communities – Delegates can view the profiles of other delegates and network pre, during and post your event.

2. Event conversations – Delegates can join the conversation around your event.

3. Event content - You can share content including exhibitor profiles (if applicable) and anything you like via the event conversations (eg white papers, articles, links to keynote streams)

Event organisers of paid events especially value this to ensure only registered delegates can access all of the above. Many report this is a helpful  tool to help drive registrations.

So how does it work? 

Step 1: Set up password – Simply contact us and we will set up a password for your event. You can nominate the password or we can allocate it for you.

Step 2: Communicate password – You can then supply the password to your registered delegates. We recommend incorporating the password as part of your registration confirmation process with a specific link to your event (eg

Step 3: Users enter password – People will be prompted to enter your event’s password on  your event page (eg Demo Event 2014, password = ‘demo’). Upon successfully entering the password your event will appear for them in the Showcase app, ie your event is listed in the app once the user has entered the password at your event page.

Any questions, please get in touch!

- Team Showcase

02 April 2014 by Team Showcase
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Import your Eventbrite event into Showcase® with just a click

Getting an event app and networking tool for your forthcoming conference or exhibition has just become super easy. If you use Eventbrite for your event registration then we have great news for you: Now with just a simple click you can have an instant event app and networking tool for your event.

(If you don’t yet use Eventbrite, check here to check it out)

Here’s how simple and easy it is:

Step 1 – Import your event

On the ‘Add Event’ page simply enter the URL of your event from Eventbrite into Showcase® and within no time you’ll have an event app and networking tool for your event, all ready to use – and without the hassle of App Store approval processes.  No more flimsy (and expensive!) bespoke event apps…


We will confirm with you when you event has been successfully imported. Your event will be on the Showcase® web portal and app, live on the App Store and other devices and ready for people to use at your events to network, connect and access event information.


Step 2 – Manage your event

From your event dashboard it’s easy to add additional content and manage your event.  Here’s a selection of the features available to you: Eventbrite2

  • Add and update content. It updates instantly across all platforms
  • Customise the background image
  • Use our launch kit to help promote your event
  • Invite delegates
  • Live event metrics
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Private event networking
  • A dedicated account manager updating and managing all your event content for you

View here for more information about these features.

The ‘Register Now’ button directs users to your Eventbrite page to register for your event.  See our blog post on how Showcase® can help you market your event.

If you organise more than one event now you can manage them all in one place.


Step 3 – Check out our plans to suit you

Choose which plan best suits your event.  You are welcome to try our 14-day free trial, with no upfront payment.  Prices start at just £200 ($320) per event.

We also offer a full event set-up service, where we take everything off your hands and get your event set up for you.

See here for more detail and our pricing.  Feel free to call our team at any time if you have any questions.


Click here to get started.

As ever, we would love to know what you think about this. You can email us at

07 August 2013 by Lance Stewart
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5 ways your event app should help market your event

Event marketing is not easy.  With tight budgets and increasing competition it can be difficult to achieve registration targets. The good news is that your event app can now complement your marketing strategy.  Most delegates now carry smartphones and tablets and use social media and it’s a massive wasted opportunity if event organisers don’t capitalise on this by integrating the event app into their marketing strategy.  Your event app should increase the reach outside of traditional marketing channels and it should not be difficult or time consuming for you organisers to take advantage of this.

Here are 5 ways your event app should help market your event:

(1)  Social acquisition


Let delegates amplify your event for you by broadcasting their planned attendance at your event to their social networks.

Social acquisition is unlikely to come from just hoping that people will proactively Tweet about your event, but has to be an effortless mechanism for people to see which connections, eg LinkedIn connections, are attending or interested in your event.

Incorporating such a social acquisition into your app can be a powerful tool to help more people to discover your event and to validate your event by showing people they know are attending.

(2)  Engagement

Just as event marketing has moved on from one-dimensional email campaigns, so have event apps moved on from one-dimensional static apps that are downloaded on the day of the event and deleted the day after it finishes.

Your event app should offer the organiser to engage with delegates before, during and after the event.  Push notification messaging is a powerful technology for enabling organisers to broadcast targeted key messages.  While the underlying technology is complex it should be super easy for the organiser to post these messages, with no requirement for any technical expertise.Engagement5

As most marketers know, a key window for getting re-registrations for your next event is at the current event or immediately after the current event.   Your app should enable you to send targeted messages to each user’s device at these times.

Finally, good engagement between delegates is also likely to lead to strong word of mouth.  Does your app only really provide event information or does it enable delegates to engage and interact before during and after events? Some example features that every app should now provide include pre-event networking, 1:1 messaging, contact exchange and the ability to share findings.


(3)  Market to the undecided

Imagine if you could see a list of people who have indicated that they are interested in your event but had not yet registered, ie warm customers.  Imagine too if you could send them a targeted message to incentivise them to register, both as an email and as a message on their device.  Event apps should facilitate both the collection of the list of ‘interested’ people and easy communication to these people.  As per the visual example above, organisers can also easily send targeted messages to people interested in their event.

(4)  Discovery


How do you get a wider audience to find out about your events?  As mentioned above, social acquisition can be a powerful tool here.  Beyond this, does your event app help to list your event on a directory of forthcoming events by sector, geography and timeframes? (as well as which of their connections are attending).

Having your key event information available in a curated directory with a link to your event website and registration can only help to raise awareness in your event, as well as boost SEO.  As soon as your event app is ready your event should be published in such a directory, both online and on an app.

(5)  Measurement

MetricsOne of the benefits of digital technology is that it gives you transparency as to which marketing activities had a quantifiable impact, ie help to evaluate return on investment (ROI).   Your event app can be key to help measure this if it can provide you with access to event metrics, both live and historical.

If you were trying an offline campaign, an email campaign or event an untested social media, your app should help you to track activity to see if it helped to drive a spike in traffic.



Each of the event app opportunities outlined above can complement your existing marketing activity.  What is important is that they save you time, not add to your already busy workloads.  If your app doesn’t do this, or you think apps can’t do this, then consider Showcase®, the event app platform for trade shows, exhibitions and conferences.

With Showcase® ( it is super easy for event organisers to take advantage of all of the above opportunities

✔ Social acquisition

✔ Engagement

✔ Market to the undecided

✔ Discovery

✔ Measurement

They can all be managed from the Showcase online portal, with no technical expertise required at all.  Showcase® provides an organiser checklist and launch kit and even phone support.  If you organise more than one event, they can all be managed centrally from one place.  Simple!

Best of all, with Showcase®  it only takes minutes to add your event and give it an instant app presence with all the tools ready for people to find your event and delegates to start engaging.  Click here to view more information and price and contact us.

17 July 2013 by Lance Stewart
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Showcase® launches event app platform for trade show and exhibition organisers

This is our press announcement this week:

A win/win for event organisers: free, easy and engaging app presence for every event with new revenue opportunities

Showcase® ( today launched its event app platform for organisers of trade shows and exhibitions to create an engaging mobile app presence and networking tool. The free to use self-service platform offers a compelling alternative to the existing expensive, content only, disposable event app model. With organisers under pressure to achieve targets with limited time and resources it also provides additional revenue and marketing channels for each event.

With Showcase®, organisers create their app and online solution in just minutes. Step-by-step guides and an easy web interface means that no technical expertise is required. Exhibitor listings are easily imported and exhibitors can be invited to manage their own content. Updates are published in real-time and do not require App Store approval, particularly useful when there are last minute changes to speakers, schedules and exhibitors.


Showcase®’s pricing model ( offers a lucrative opportunity for organisers large and small to profit financially from their event app. Optional add-ons such as sponsorship banners, promotional messages and featured exhibitors give exposure on the web and app. Organisers sell these at their own prices. Live and historical event activity metrics are provided.

In a crowded event marketplace, organisers use Showcase® to drive registrations and engage with their audience before, during and after events. The launch kit tools allow event marketers to invite delegates, send real-time messages, integrate social media and build a community around their event. Delegates and exhibitors, who use Showcase® for free, are able to see which of their LinkedIn connections are attending each event and share their own planned attendance using social channels.

Delegates use the Showcase® app to view the latest event information, exchange contact details, scan business cards, make notes and collect exhibitor brochures at the event. Exhibitors also capture lead opportunities and assign them to colleagues for follow-up. With connectivity at events often unreliable the app is built so content can be viewed without an Internet connection and actions recorded to be seamlessly synced up later.

Lance Stewart, CEO and co-founder commented: “Our model is unique and we are turning traditional event app pricing on its head. By letting organisers choose the add-ons they need, they don’t have to pay for a full suite of features. We are delighted to see organisers using Showcase as not just an event app, but also a tool to drive registrations and revenues.”


The team at Showcase® believes the trade show and exhibition industry is on the cusp of widespread app adoption. Wi-Fi infrastructure is improving at venues and delegates now prefer to use their smartphone or tablet to heavy and cumbersome paper guides. While some events are managing to put event guides on apps, delegates have the unenviable task of finding and downloading a different app for each event and then familiarising themselves with a new interface. With Showcase®, delegates only need to download the app once to use for all events, with all the necessary tools in one place. In a large and fragmented market where 80% of contacts made at events do not get followed up (Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research) it’s an industry in need of a single app platform that works for all events.

Showcase® has been piloted in beta over the last six months, with over 20 event organisers using Showcase® for their events, including Informa’s Digital Home World Summit 2013. Every one of those organisers has signed up to use Showcase® for future events worldwide, including in the UK, Europe and North America.

“Our biggest challenge to date has been convincing event organisers that this is not ‘too good to be true’. They are familiar with paying heavy fees for apps and are therefore naturally initially sceptical about a product that is not only free, but also earns them extra revenues” concluded Stewart.

Our press kit can be downloaded from our Press Room -

05 July 2013 by Team Showcase
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EU mobile phone roaming charges cut: good news for B2B events industry

EU mobile roaming charges will be reduced from today, with the cost to travellers for browsing the internet capped from today at 38 pence (45 Euro cents) a megabyte under new EU rules, according to The Guardian. This follows the recent announcement as reported by the Telegraph that the EU plans to end mobile roaming charges from July 2014.

The end of roaming charges across Europe will be a welcome relief to business people wanting to use their mobile phones and tablets at trade shows and exhibitions in the UK and Europe.  Consistent Wi-Fi and phone service are the most important issues to trade show attendees, according to a white paper from the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE).

Event venues have made big strides over the last 12 months to improve Wi-Fi connectivity, with improved speed and coverage, to help attract international delegates and improve the overall experience for all delegates.  Many venues, such as National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, recently introduced a free service that now avoids dealing with complicated payments procedures for users now predominantly accessing these networks from their smartphones and tablets.


Mobile and tablet connectivity enables a new generation of services at trade shows and exhibitions, such as event apps with business networking features, social media and lead capture.  While many apps simply do not function unreliable when connectivity is poor some event apps, such as Showcase, have invested in the technology to make event apps fully functional without connectivity.

Ian Kershaw, Head of App Development at Showcase®, commented on its offline sync feature “It’s fundamental that an event app works when at an event even if there is no connection. And working means not only viewing content, but performing actions too.  If an event app doesn’t work inside a venue it gives a poor delegate experience and can reflect badly on the event itself”.

With connectivity such an important issue, what could be next on the horizon?  Agreements to cut roaming charges with the US, UAE and Asian markets would help attract international delegates, but still could be some way off.  In the meantime, offering event apps such as Showcase helps to give the growing number of international business workers a powerful app for each event, regardless of the connectivity.

01 July 2013 by Team Showcase
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Showcase® – the trade show app – now live on the App Store for both iPad and iPhone

We are delighted to release our all-new Showcase® app for both iPad and iPhone.  It is now available to download from the App Store.

Now it’s never been easier to manage all your trade show activities in one place.  Imagine just carrying your iPad, mini iPad or iPhone with you around the trade show to collect information, make notes and exchange contact details with people you meet.  No more heavy bags or piles of paper.

The app also works too when you are offline, ready to sync all your activities to the web when you become online again, ready for you to follow up and/or share with your colleagues.

Here’s a bit more information about the app….

Showcase® is the trade show app. It is for attendees, exhibitors and organisers to use it for each event and be connected year round.

KEY FEATURES – Use Showcase® to:

  • Network before, during and after trade shows
  • Keep connected with existing connections at the show and year round
  • Manage your contacts, including exchanging contact details with people you meet
  • Create and assign leads (CRM)
  • Keep organised before, during and after each show
  • Share your findings with people anywhere
  • Easily report your activities, discoveries and leads at each show
  • Plus more!

Download the free app today.

Start using the Showcase® app and website ( to see which trade shows your connections are attending.
To learn more about how you or your company can use Showcase®, please visit the Showcase website (
- Team Showcase

27 February 2013 by Team Showcase
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Getting swamped with business cards at trade shows? Here’s the new way to keep organised….

Trade shows are undoubtedly a great way to develop business contacts. While you may be pleased with meeting lots of people, following up with them from the piles of business cards you collect can be both challenging and time consuming.  Given how hard it can be to recall details of every discussion you had it’s not surprising to hear that 80% of contacts made at trade shows are not followed up!  (Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research –

So instead of spending your valuable time trying to sort out contacts after each event why not make your life simpler by trying a new and free solution to manage the contacts you make at event? Showcase® is a free web and native app solution to instantaneously exchange contact details with people you meet. In addition, Showcase® enables you to:

  • Make notes on each meeting
  • Mark specific meetings that required follow up after the show
  • Create leads and assign to your colleagues (eg sales team)
Everything you do on the app is sync’d to the Showcase® website, ready for you to view and action immediately – and effortlessly.  Furthermore, with Showcase® you can easily:
  • View contact history on each person, so when you meet them again you can quickly reference what you talked about previously
  • View forthcoming trade shows each contact is attending or interested in – and even invite them to the next event you are attending
  • Keep connected year round
  • View each contact’s social media profiles, such as Twitter

To start using Showcase® at your next event please visit and sign up for free today!

- Team Showcase

25 February 2013 by Team Showcase
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Who is also going to your next trade show? Here’s a clever way to find out

That moment again!  Having to hover for hours on numerous Twitter posts or scour LinkedIn Groups to find contacts attending a trade show, simultaneously wondering if this process could ever get simpler? Just look at the number of ‘Who is going to Mobile World Congress?’ tweets right now.

Even though many consider trade shows as the most effective B2B networking medium, it is surprising that quick and simple channels of connecting and networking are not available. Until now that is….

Showcase® has addressed these pain-points by easily enabling you to view upcoming trade shows, mark your attendance and share with connections important to you, such as specific business contacts.  With Showcase’s LinkedIn integration it’s seamless to invite your LinkedIn connections.  With Showcase® you can easily start seeing all the events your connections are attending or interested in.  Don’t wait until you’re at each show to start setting up meetings.  Or don’t leave it until too late to arrange to meet for a drink at the hotel!

What’s more?

Showcase® is free to use and has an accompanying app to use at each event to exchange contact details and keep connected with your connections.  No more piles of business cards!

To get started:

1. Sign up for free at

2. View upcoming events and mark if you are attending or interested in an event

3. Share events with connections


- Team Showcase


22 February 2013 by Team Showcase
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Top 3 user cases: Showcase in the wild

Team Showcase at Dubai Helishow

Thanks to everyone involved with making Showcase a big success at Dubai Helishow 2012.  As our first event, Dubai Helishow was a great opportunity for us to test Showcase in a live event environment and we were delighted with the response from exhibitors, attendees and the organiser alike.

Here’s how Showcase was used most at Dubai Helishow:


  1. Sharing with their connections that they will be attending Dubai Helishow
  2. Viewing participating exhibitors on Showcase website and Showcase iPad app
  3. Using the Showcase app to scan exhibitor QR codes in the official event guide (to add to To-Do list) and at each event booth (to add to their ‘Trail’)


  1. Loading company and product information to be viewed by and shared with attendees
  2. Exchanging contact details via the Showcase app
  3. Creating leads via the Showcase app


  1. Loading latest event information and full exhibitor listings, including last minute exhibitor registrations and conference schedule updates
  2. Setting ‘featured exhibitors’
  3. Viewing event metrics and web traffic

(Note: We did all this on behalf of the organiser, however this will soon to be ready as an easy self-service too)

There’s lots more currently available features - and even more to come soon.  We’re already building additional capability including an integrated business card scanner, social media integration, automatic report generation and lots more.  Please check in again to this blog or follow us on Twitter for further news.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy using Showcase for all your future defence, aerospace and security trade shows.  More events for these sectors will be added very soon.

In the meantime, here’s some photos from the Showcase team at Dubai Helishow.

Best wishes

- The Showcase Team



27 November 2012 by Team Showcase
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Welcome to Showcase!

We are delighted to be launching Showcase in beta today.   We believe the trade show industry is ready to benefit from a single new web, tablet and smartphone application that helps all participants achieve their objectives, including enhancing their face to face meetings.

So what’s it all about?  Here’s a 90-second overview: Introduction to Showcase®.  Take a look at our Features Tour too to learn how Showcase can benefit trade show attendees, exhibitors and organisers.  Ultimately the best way to learn about this is to get started.  It’s free to sign up and use Showcase for a large range of features!

We are initially focusing on trade shows in the aerospace, defence and security sector and soon plan to add trade shows in other sectors.    If you think Showcase could be useful for trade shows that you organise, exhibit at or attend then please contact us.

We hope you enjoy using Showcase.

- The Showcase Team

08 October 2012 by Team Showcase
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