The easy way to capture and manage your event leads

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Scan business cards

All in one place

All in one place

There's no need to keep track of scattered notes and business cards, then sorting through and matching up laser gun contact lists, when you finally get them.

Back at the office, your company leads are neatly consolidated and ready for your team to reference and follow up.

Don't lose context

Business card scanning

Did you even remember what those back-of-card scribbles meant? Attach notes and customisable qualification gradings to your leads immediately.

Quickly and accurately scan business cards or exchange contact details using the app, to save time and stay in the flow.

Easy for all your events

Get on with business

Why keep reinventing the wheel? Having a system that works, that everyone understands and that you can deploy efficiently and easily means you have more capacity available to really get the most from your investment.

Come next event, just rinse and repeat.

Assign to colleagues

The right person may not always be around. Leads can be assigned and re-assigned at any time, to get to the best possible follow-up.

Use offline

Even on a good day connectivity can be a source of frustration at events. Don't let this worry you, Showcase functions seamlessly with and without Wifi.

Export to CRM

Your data can be exported for use in spreadsheets like Excel or to be imported to Salesforce, SAP, Sugar or any other CRM.

Share sales materials

Share your brochures digitally through Showcase. No heavy paper = happy customers, easy for them to share with colleagues.

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  Find the right package to suit your company's needs needs

What's included:
Exhibitor profile
  Detailed profile
  Downloadable brochures
  Staff representatives
  App and web listing
  Contact exchange
  Business card scanning *
  1:1 messaging
Lead capture
  Capture leads on new contacts
  Grade and assign leads
  Company lead report
  Export leads
  Custom qualification gradings
  Phone support
Price per event per company
Free Starter
£100 Professional

* iPhone and iPad only

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  Frequently asked questions

What platforms does Showcase® support?

While Showcase® supports all platforms via web, native iOS apps and mobile web ( the lead capture tool is aimed specifically for iPad or iPhone users. Download the native iPad and iPhone app here.

Can I use Showcase ® for very small or very large B2B events?

Absolutely! Showcase ® works for B2B events of all sizes.

Can I use Showcase® for a conference without exhibitors?

Yes. Showcase® is a powerful tool for all B2B events and can be used to capture and assigned leads at any B2B event.

How do I get started?

With Showcase you only need to set up your company once and it will then be easy to add your exhibitor profile for every event your company exhibits at.

On the top right hand corner drop-down menu select ‘My Companies’ and follow the instructions to add your company. You can also add company members, product information and brochures. Again, this just needs to be done once and can also be updated at any time.

As soon as you have signed up to a plan your company will be instantly ready to use Showcase. Upon signing up we will also send you a link to our step-by-step user guide.

How is Showcase® different to laser gun scanners?

Laser gun scanners can be easy to scan someone’s badge. That’s where we think the benefits end. Rather than waiting to receive the file containing the list of people you scanned, why not add some notes about each contact and action immediately through the Showcase app? It’s not just much more effective, but cheaper too. Plus you have the benefit that it’s just one system to use for all your events, always ready to go when you need it.

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My company is exhibiting at an event that is not listed. How do I add other events?

It’s very quick and easy to add an event. Simply go to Add Event and follow the instructions. It can take as little as 2 minutes to add an event and it’s ready instantly ready to add your company as an exhibitor and to capture leads on the app.

Can I customise exhibitor profiles from one event to the next?

Yes. For simplicity any new exhibitor profile you create will default to your company profile, but you can easily customise it particular to the event. You can then pick the relevant company members and products that you want to appear on the exhibitor profile.

Does the Showcase® app work offline?

Yes, we realise connectivity at events is not always available or reliable. You can do all the key activities offline, including as exchanging contact details, capturing and assigning leads, showing your company information and sharing brochures digitally. As soon as you establish connectivity all these activities will sync and be automatically processed accordingly.

Can I invite my colleagues to add and edit company content?

Yes. From your company portal it is easy to manage your company’s exhibits in one place, including editing information, products, brochures and adding colleagues to view and edit information too.

Can I set up user permissions for company team members?

Absolutely. Company team members can be individually assigned as a ‘company editor’ or ‘company member’. Only ‘company editors’ can add/edit content, add/remove company members and view all company leads. This makes it easy to use channel partners (and other third party sales representatives) to generate sales leads for you from trade shows and exhibitions.

How do I share brochures and product information from the app?

On the app go to your exhibitor profile for the event you are exhibiting and press ‘Share’.

Or if the person you are speaking to is using the Showcase app they can just simply press ‘Add to Trail’ on your exhibitor profile and your whole profile, including brochures, will be ready for them to view on the Showcase web portal.

If I assign a lead to a company colleague how will they know about it?

From the moment you create the lead on the app the assigned person will instantly receive an email and, if they have the Showcase app they will also receive a push notification. They will be able to view the lead on the Showcase web portal, including any notes you have made and action it immediately. They can update the lead with notes and even change the status to ‘Actioned’.

How do I view all my activities after the event?

All your activities on the Showcase app are automatically sync’d to the Showcase web portal. Here you can view your company’s leads and also view your own activities. Once you are logged in company leads are accessible from the drop-down menu in the top right hand corner of the screen and your Trail is available by clicking on ‘Dashboard’ at the top of the screen.

My company already uses a CRM with custom lead gradings. Can I use these from the app?

Yes. On your company’s portal on Showcase you can customise the lead gradings and this will update instantly on the app.

We would like to export all new leads to our CRM (eg Salesforce) after the event. Can we do this?

Yes. On your company’s lead report simply press the ‘export’ button and this will generate a CSV file that is ready to be imported into any CRM.