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All your event information

A new channel to excite exhibitors and sponsors

Easily manage and measure success

Build an event community on web and app

Get in on the conversation and make it last

“Showcase is an amazing app. As an organiser, it helps sales and marketing
and makes my job a lot easier”

Julia Cuthbert, Event Director,
The Domus Group

Some of our recent and upcoming events
Business Expo 3.0 - 2013
Landlord & Letting Show 2013 - London (March)
Photonex London 2013
Greenbuild Expo 2013
Digital Home World Summit 2013
Stitch London SS14
Photonex 2013
Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition 2014
World Bio Markets 2014


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What's included:

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Event community + networking
Event conversation wall
Event app
Web portal
Event directory listing
Launch kit
Social media integration
Business card scanner
SSL security
Maximum no. of attendees
Phone support and live chat
Broadcast messages
Exhibitor profiles
Featured exhibitors/sponsors
Sponsor banners
Option to set private event
View live event metrics
Advanced event conversations
Price per event
  £200 Starter
  £500 Standard
Up to 50
  £2000 Premium
Account manager
Most popular £800 Business
Up to 200
Unlimited events Contact Us Enterprise
Account manager

Full event set-up service
Optional £450 per event
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  What you need and more

Core features

Your event will be instantly available on the Showcase web and app with no App Store process required

Free for your attendees to use

Your event can be discovered in our directory listing on both web and app

Add detailed event information such as floor plans, maps, schedules and more

Customise the event background image to the look and feel of your event

Social media integration, including live Twitter stream and LinkedIn sign-up and sharing

Event community + networking

People can find and join your event community

Attendees can view profiles, send 1:1 messages (eg to request a meeting) and do a 1-touch contact exchange

Event conversation wall

"Conversation wall" to foster an active community both around your event and to keep your community engaged between events

Advanced: choose to control the conversation topics and also turn off new conversations and comments after the event has finished

Project the "Conversation wall" at your event, eg to encourage interaction around a keynote

Event app

Lots of useful features for your attendees, such as 1-touch contact exchange, activity stream, messaging and business card scanner

All app activities sync to our cloud servers so attendees can pick up where they left off on the web, and vice versa

Available on native iPad/iPhone and all other platforms via mobile web. Native Android app coming soon

Web portal

Self-service web portal with your own event dashboard to help you manage your event and update content

No technical expertise required to use and manage any features

Make unlimited changes, all of which are updated in real-time on both web and app

Exhibitor profiles

Detailed profiles: logos, company information, product information, digital brochures and more

Exhibitors can be invited to manage their own profiles

Offer our CRM lead capture tool to your exhibitors at your events (£100 per exhibit) and receive 50% on all bookings

Featured exhibitors

Enhanced listings on both web and app to help drive traffic to them

Launch kit

Checklist and tools to make it easy to communicate your app and web presence on Showcase

Contact us if you want us to help give your event extra exposure

Live metrics

Activities at your event

Sponsor's banner impressions and click throughs at your event

Support and security

Email, phone and live chat support

SSL security encryption throughout

Sponsor banners

Banners featured on web and app to give sponsors extra exposure before, during and after each event

Various banner placement options with flexibility to include 1 to many sponsors in each banner

Broadcast messaging

Real-time broadcast messaging sent as both push notifications and emails. They can be sent before, during and after each event.

Send messages to people 'interested' in your event to encourage them to register for your event

Private events

Control access to the event community to specific people (eg to conference ticket holders or your company's staff only)

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  Frequently asked questions

How do I add my event?

It’s very quick and easy to add your event. Simply press ‘Add event’ and follow the instructions. It can take as little as 10 minutes to add your event live on both the app and web portal. We also recommend that you upload event schedules and the exhibitor list via the organiser portal.

If I want Showcase to do the full event set up how long does this take?

We can generally have your event ready within the same working day. Call us and we’ll discuss your requirements and get started straight away.

When will my event be published on the app and web portal?

Instantly across all platforms! As soon as you submit your event we'll publish it across all platforms, ready to be used by attendees and exhibitors. No more delays or nervous waits for App Store approvals. Start driving traffic to your registration page today!

Can I edit event content once my event is published?

Yes. You can make unlimited content updates for free and these are updated on both the app and web portal in real-time. Got a last minute schedule change or a new sponsor? Just login to your Showcase account and from the organiser portal it just takes a minute to make the update.

Can I invite my colleagues to also add/edit event content?

Yes. From your organiser portal it is easy to manage your events all in one place, including editing event content, view metrics and adding colleagues to edit event content too.

Can I customise the look and feel for my event?

Yes. Organisers can upload a banner image to appear at the top of your event listing on both the app and the web portal. A few examples of events that have done this: Business Expo 3.0 - 2013, Landlord & Letting Show 2013 - London (March), Photonex London 2013, HC2013, Greenbuild Expo 2013, Digital Home World Summit 2013, Stitch London SS14, Photonex 2013, Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition 2014, World Bio Markets 2014.

What does the organiser launch kit include?

We realise how busy organisers are in the lead up to each event. This is why we created a launch kit containing suggested communications to attendees and exhibitors, getting started guides for attendees and exhibitors, suggested social media posts and a poster to display at registration at each event.

If I am organising an event that starts within 7 days can I still use Showcase®?

Absolutely. Simply add your event today and it will be ready to use immediately. Help get the word out with our organiser launch kit and start seeing metrics for your event, including for sponsors.

Do I have to buy the optional add-ons up front?

You are welcome to add your event now and opt in to the add-ons later. Some organisers we work with have waited until they have sold the sponsorship placements before buying them from us. We recommend buying the bundle package to ensure you will benefit from the discounted bundle price.

How does my event gain additional exposure via Showcase®?

Showcase® does this in a number of ways, including enabling delegates to broadcast their attendance at your event to their social networks and even invite their connections to your event. As soon as your event is published it is also immediately discoverable in the Showcase® event directory and every event listing contains a direct link to the organiser’s website and event registration page.

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What platforms does Showcase® support?

Showcase® supports all platforms via web, native iOS apps and mobile web ( Download the native iPad and iPhone app here. If you have specific requirements for other native app platforms, please contact us.

Can I use Showcase® for very small or very large B2B events?

Absolutely! Showcase® works for B2B events of all sizes.

Can I use Showcase® for a conference without exhibitors?

Absolutely. Showcase is a powerful tool at conferences for attendees to network, exchange contact details and join the event conversation. Event information, such as schedules and floor plans, can be added too so attendees can access the latest event information at their fingertips.

What new features and functionality are you planning to introduce?

Follow us on Twitter @teamshowcase to keep track of our latest developments. If you have any feedback or specific features you would like added please contact us.

Can I get a unique App Store icon for my event?

Showcase® is a multi-event app that only has to be downloaded once from the App Store to use for all events. There are many benefits to organisers through having their event available to view on the single platform, including ease of discovery, cross-event metrics, no lead-times and App Store approvals and avoiding the situation where users must download different app for each event.

If this is something you absolutely must have then contact us.

Do the prices include/exclude VAT?

The prices exclude any VAT/taxes. VAT will automatically be added where applicable during checkout on providing your country.

What’s different about Showcase®?

Showcase® offers so much more than expensive custom apps. It is the only complete web, tablet and mobile app solution to also offer networking, contact exchange, CRM and live metrics. Unlike these custom apps Showcase lets organisers produce a powerful app and web portal in as little as 10 minutes.

Our unique pricing model lets organisers pay for just the features you need - no more paying for a suite of features you never use or don’t want. The pricing model also enables organisers to earn additional revenues from your event - our add-on features are largely oriented around the organisers selling the sponsorship placements or featured exhibitor places for more than the price purchased from us.

Unlike pure event apps that are typically downloaded immediately prior to an event (or at the event itself!), Showcase®also provides a web portal to help extend the event lifecycle. This helps to raise awareness about your event, drive registrations and, importantly, helps attendees and exhibitors to network in the lead up to each event. Meanwhile, organisers can view event metrics to see what’s popular and event to see what promotional activity was most successful.